Strategic Thinking, Servant Leader

Chronic disease, suicide, and physical injuries have exposed me to a tremendous amount of death, pain, and human suffering. These conditions drew me to a life of service within health care. The limitations imposed on human potential are the most striking part of these conditions, and I am committed to the Ministry of Reconciliation to end the suffering. In maximizing my potential, I

Ryan P. Desmond, Founder of Doc Desmond, LLC

The Ministry of Reconciliation

My Spiritual Gifts: Mercy & Service, Prophecy, Exhortation, Giving & Leadership, Teaching
My Strengths: Relator – Strategic – Individualization – Futuristic – Arranger

God made us in His image and likeness; however, sin caused separation between us and God. It made us imperfect. Reconciliation is about repairing our relationship with God and restoring our original character, as a reflection of Him. A major part of the reconciliation process is coming fully into your created purpose. Understanding your gifts, talents, and strengths is the beginning of that process. My process helped me to understand my affinity toward health care and my best approach for serving.

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