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Distributing listening pleasure to lovers of Jesus Christ.

Distributing listening pleasure to lovers of Jesus Christ.

Distributor of listening pleasure to lovers of Jesus Christ, sports, and music.

CDM Radio was created to put Coach Desmond Ministries on the map all over the world.  We provide an alternative source of music for athletes to get hype to during training.  We also provide music for praising God in your quiet time, for that intimate time with your boo, and relaxation during your down time.

CDM Radio bridges the gap between beats that you can feel and lyrics that match your lifestyle.  Music has always been produced to sell to a huge audience for large profits, but much of it has also reflected a values based life that many could relate to.  However, today’s radio stations play music saturated with lyrics about self-serving power, sex, money, and partying.  For many, those topics are not congruent with the lifestyle we live or the lifestyle we want to live.

That’s where we come in.  CDM Radio would love to gain you as a listener, because we broadcast love music.  Here we encourage you to love and praise God, love yourself, and love each other.  We envision a world filled with physically active people who seek to make God famous through obedience to Him and service to others. CDM Radio currently features a soulful sound and Southern beats so you can praise, exercise, love, and relax.