Unspoken Promise

The is my grandmother, Doris Lene Desmond.

My grandmother was hospitalized while I was doing job training for the US Army. She had been sick and did not tell anyone in the family. Within a couple weeks of being hospitalized, she died from colon cancer. I made it home from training, but was not able to see her before she died. However, I made a promise to her. She never heard that promise. Unspoken Promise is my way of fulling that promise.

I was not able to care for my grandmother in her last days, but I promised her that I would care for others when they are injured and sick.

I am on a mission to be present for 4,090,000 people afflicted with cardiovascular diseases, cancers, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and musculoskeletal injuries; however, I need your help.

My family and I at my grandmother’s funeral

Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan, and I am hoping that you can help me out. I joined the Army in hopes of becoming a physical therapist. I never got there, but I did serve for about 7 years as a medic. I had a ton of fun experiences that gave me a desire to become a physician instead of a physical therapist. I actually gave up on that dream, until my grandmother passed away in 2018. I made a promise to her that I would go to medical school and care for the injured and sick. In order to get there, I had to go back to school to complete prerequisite classes. I completed all of my prereqs, and started a doctorate program in Chiropractic to become a specialist in neuromuscular and skeletal anatomy and physiology. My goal is to become a musculoskeletal radiologist and return to the military as an Army Radiologist. When I get into medical school all of my educational expenses will be covered by the military. However, right now I need about $125,000 to finish Chiropractic school. My GI Bill is running out in 4 weeks, so I need to come up with $7,843 in the next few weeks to continue going to school next quarter. Right now, I cannot take out anymore student loans.

Any help is appreciated.

coming soon…

Yellow was my grandmother’s favorite color. And dark blue is for colon cancer awareness. The launch of The Doc Desmond Brand  serves two purposes.  I celebrate her life and raise awareness for the healing power of lifestyle.