Entrepreneurship is a risky business, but you are built for it!

Listening to the advice of NON-entrepreneurs is the biggest mistake that entrepreneurial types make. They were not built with the gene that allows them to navigate risk. You WERE!!! You are not paralyzed at the thought of uncertainty. In fact, your mind creates a clear path that changes risk into certainty. Even the smallest amount of risk makes the non-entrepreneur very uncomfortable. And they will discourage you from stepping into THEIR discomfort. Remember, that is not your discomfort. Mitigating risk is one of your strengths.

Entrepreneurs tend to look at the world through a different lens. Identifying opportunities to make things better is second nature to you. That is why you have been given a vision. And you will continue to see it. However, you will not receive compensation until your vision becomes a reality.

So, listen to your inner voice, and solve the problem that has been placed in your heart to solve.

Talk to you soon,