You are the boss now! Write your own rules.

When I was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, I always responded with…”I want to be a professional athlete.” Starting my own business was never a huge dream for me, until I got my first boss. Several bosses in, I realized that I enjoyed working, but I did not enjoy others telling me how to work. I learned that I prioritize work in order for it to be done efficiently. I believe efficiency helps to create profitability. Most of the bosses that I worked for did not prioritize work that way. I hate wasting my time; and I hate wasting other people’s time. So, becoming my own boss seemed like the only logical choice.

I am like most entrepreneurs. The percentages say that you are too. We want time freedom and the freedom to be creative in our work spaces. We also want the satisfaction of creating a work space that is tailor made to our strengths. You are like most entrepreneurs, so you started your own business.


“I had 22 bosses before I started my own business. I loved all my jobs, but I never liked my boss! When you’re the boss, you can make your job whatever you want it to be.”

— Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank

Guess what, you are the boss now! You have the time freedom to work when you want and how long you want. You have the power to plan and take vacations on your own schedule. You have to freedom to create products and services that your customers love. You have the ability to create workflow that makes sense to you. You can master your strengths. You can also recruit and train the talent that compliments you. You get to set your salary, and give yourself raises when you deserve them. You get to make ALL the rules.

So, write your own rules and create the job of your dreams.

Talk to you soon,