Do you know anyone with toddlers? If so, you have probably heard that toddler say…THAT’S MINE OR MINE, MINE, MINE.

I’m not comparing you to a toddler, but I am pointing out the fact that you built a business and you own it. You can honestly say, That’s Mine! I believe you should be proud, and you should celebrate yourself.

Today, I heard a friend playing a song that I created. When the melody first started, I thought to myself that sounds familiar. The song continued. And I thought, that’s mine. I was shocked, but also extremely proud that my creation was being enjoyed by someone else. As a business owner/entrepreneur, you should be proud of your creation. I recommend putting it on a t-shirt for the whole world to see.

If you’re not proud of what you created, no one else will be. And sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back.

Talk to you soon,