“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
– Tim Notke

Develop your entrepreneurial talents like an Olympic weightlifter. Olympic weightlifting is a highly technical sport composed of the snatch and clean & jerk. Both lifts challenge the athlete’s ability to overcome inertia explosively, while maintaining core stability. Beginners are taught the complexity of the lifts in phases. Most coaches will not allow a beginner to use any weight. A single training session can focus solely on one phase of a lift, using only bodyweight. Weight is added proportional to improvements in skill level. Each lift requires decades of practice to perfect. And expert lifters will continue to practice drills that they learned as a novice. After many, many years of hard work and dedication, weightlifters become very-powerful, highly-skilled athletes capable of making these complex lifts an extension of their core muscle groups.

Like weightlifters, entrepreneurs should develop their entrepreneurial talents in phases. Embrace your natural tendency to get lost in a task. That is your core talent, but be able to explain your process in steps for others. Dedicate yourself to performing those steps on a daily basis. That talent will become a strength. Also, practicing these steps will help you identify your other talents. Adding additional talents to your daily routine is equivalent to the Olympic weightlifter increasing weight during their training session. Your hard work and dedication will make you a very-powerful and highly-skilled businessperson with a business that is an extension of your core strengths.

Talk to you soon,