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R&B Music became popular in the African-American community during the 1940s and arose from the blues. Its rhythms are taken from jazz music and is an immediate precursor of rock and roll.

Growing up, gospel music was the staple in my household, but my father also exposed us to funk and jazz. I gravitated toward R&B, probably because of the heavy gospel influenced that entered the genre. The Temptations, Anita Baker, Peabo Bryson, Freddie Jackson, and, of course, Luther Vandross are a few of the early R&B voices that I feel in love with. Gerald Levert was my favorite artist during my teens. Collecting all of his albums and memorizing every one of his songs was my musical goal. In my early adult years, Dave Hollister was my go to artist.

There are so many amazing and talented R&B artists in this world. The invention of Apple Music gives us the ability to enjoy R&B from every country. I feel privileged to be able to show my respect to them all here. As I stated in a previous post, good R&B music makes my heart feel like freedom. It definitely takes me to my happy place. And my primary goal, with Doc Desmond Radio, is to connect with people all over the world that love R&B as much as I do.

Let our love for R&B music connect us.

Talk to you soon,