We are all born with a very unique combination of skills and abilities that many of us call gifts or talents. Talent is innate. You are born with your abilities, and they cannot be learned or taught. They are encoded in your DNA with a uniqueness that makes it highly unlikely that anyone else shares what you have. In fact, there is a 1 in 3,628,800 chance that another person has the same exact talents that you have. If someone else’s talents match yours exactly, there is a 1 in 214 billion chance that the strength of their talents and yours would have the same intensity. Therefore, it’s almost a zero percent chance that anyone else has what you have.

With that said, you should understand that there is not a blueprint for the business that you thought to create. Do not look to the left or the right at what others are doing. Look within your heart and mind. Listen to your inner voice. Develop an extremely, high level of self-awareness. Constantly seek opportunities to practice your talents. Practicing your talents will strengthen them, which reenforces the notion that practice makes perfect. Create what you envision, and it will be unique and beneficial for the rest of us. Not to mention, you will experience a fuller life!

Talk to you soon,