Some 1.95 billion websites exist on the internet. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that if you build it, customers will come. That’s hopeful thinking. The business industry is competitive, and the internet-based business industry is highly competitive.

Many of us have taken to the internet to earn money. Kudos for being a person of action. Creating a website to support or start your business is a great, first step.

Still, it is extremely important that you do not fall into the category of people that want or wish for things to happen. You have to make it happen! 1. Become extremely self-aware. 2. Become a highly-skilled perpetual learner. Couple your increasing knowledge level with self-awareness to overcome all of the obstacles that you encounter in your business.

With that said, I appreciate all of the support that I have received so far. I am in the beginning stages of this enterprise, growing journey. There is definitely a learning curve for bringing offline business experience to the online world, but I am determined to do just that. I fell in love with leadership and leadership principles while serving in the military. I became fascinated with different leadership styles when I saw the connection between leadership and parenting. It is so fascinating how different roles share common threads. I love how improving skills in one role helps to improve performance in another role.

My goal is to help small business owners see those connections and maximize their potential as leaders. I wish you all the greatest of success.

Talk to you soon,

P.S. Leave a comment in the section below. Let me know what type of business you are growing.