According to Gallup’s collection of surveys, only a third of people say they have an opportunity to do what they do best at work every day. Let’s put that into perspective. At least 7.7 million people are living every single day of life below their potential. They are not on a track to maximize their potential. They are not even on a track to meet their potential. They are not emotionally engaged at work. They are not earning what they deserve. They are not living the life they imagined. They are not doing the job they were hired to do. And they are teaching their children that this is an acceptable existence. What’s the point of this? And when does it end?

Every human is original and uniquely encoded with gifts and talents to fulfill a specific purpose. Living unfulfilled is not a part of that encoding. Each of us has a choice of how to use our gifts and talents. We can keep those gifts to ourselves and use them to advance as an individual. Conversely, we can share our gifts and talents, work with our brothers and sisters, and advance synergistically as a whole. I believe working together is the essence of maximizing human potential as an individual and as a collective.

Do not live every single day of life below your potential. Identify your gifts and talents. Use them to positively affect your life through service to others.

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