Maximizing Human Potential

According to Gallup’s collection of surveys, only a third of people say they have an opportunity to do what they do best at work every day. Let’s put that into perspective. At least 7.7 million people are living every single day of life below their potential. They are not on a track to maximize their potential. They are not even on a track to meet their potential. They are not emotionally engaged at work. They are not earning what they deserve. They are not living the life they imagined. They are not doing the job they were hired to do. And they are teaching their children that this is an acceptable existence. What’s the point of this? And when does it end?

Every human is original and uniquely encoded with gifts and talents to fulfill a specific purpose. Living unfulfilled is not a part of that encoding. Each of us has a choice of how to use our gifts and talents. We can keep those gifts to ourselves and use them to advance as an individual. Conversely, we can share our gifts and talents, work with our brothers and sisters, and advance synergistically as a whole. I believe working together is the essence of maximizing human potential as an individual and as a collective.

Do not live every single day of life below your potential. Identify your gifts and talents. Use them to positively affect your life through service to others.

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The Best R&B Ever is Moving

Good evening everyone,

Effective immediately, I will no longer publish new music toThe Best R&B Ever on this site. I will continue to publish the list; however, it will be migrated to my new website the R&B Archives ( I made this decision after a great deal of thought. Ultimately, I will be able to discuss R&B more extensively if it is housed on its own site. I will continue to publish R&B history on the new site. It will also contain more artist profiles, albums, lyrics, and playlists. I am already working on playlists from all of the decades that R&B has been in existence.

Below is a snapshot of the new site’s homepage. will be dedicated to health, fitness, entrepreneurship, and my journey to become a Musculoskeletal Radiologist. Thank you.

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4th of July Celebration: Take Care Tonight

The 4th of July symbolizes a great deal more than fireworks. It marks the end of the Revolutionary War, and it is the day that the Colonies celebrated independence from Great Britain. However, fireworks seem to be the hallmark of the day. Personally, I am not a huge fan of celebrating the day with explosions. I don’t know many Vets that do. I just want to say, be safe tonight. Have fun everyone.

Talk to you soon,

CEO Motivation: Make it Happen

Some 1.95 billion websites exist on the internet. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that if you build it, customers will come. That’s hopeful thinking. The business industry is competitive, and the internet-based business industry is highly competitive.

Many of us have taken to the internet to earn money. Kudos for being a person of action. Creating a website to support or start your business is a great, first step.

Still, it is extremely important that you do not fall into the category of people that want or wish for things to happen. You have to make it happen! 1. Become extremely self-aware. 2. Become a highly-skilled perpetual learner. Couple your increasing knowledge level with self-awareness to overcome all of the obstacles that you encounter in your business.

With that said, I appreciate all of the support that I have received so far. I am in the beginning stages of this enterprise, growing journey. There is definitely a learning curve for bringing offline business experience to the online world, but I am determined to do just that. I fell in love with leadership and leadership principles while serving in the military. I became fascinated with different leadership styles when I saw the connection between leadership and parenting. It is so fascinating how different roles share common threads. I love how improving skills in one role helps to improve performance in another role.

My goal is to help small business owners see those connections and maximize their potential as leaders. I wish you all the greatest of success.

Talk to you soon,

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CEO Motivation: Your Innate Ability

We are all born with a very unique combination of skills and abilities that many of us call gifts or talents. Talent is innate. You are born with your abilities, and they cannot be learned or taught. They are encoded in your DNA with a uniqueness that makes it highly unlikely that anyone else shares what you have. In fact, there is a 1 in 3,628,800 chance that another person has the same exact talents that you have. If someone else’s talents match yours exactly, there is a 1 in 214 billion chance that the strength of their talents and yours would have the same intensity. Therefore, it’s almost a zero percent chance that anyone else has what you have.

With that said, you should understand that there is not a blueprint for the business that you thought to create. Do not look to the left or the right at what others are doing. Look within your heart and mind. Listen to your inner voice. Develop an extremely, high level of self-awareness. Constantly seek opportunities to practice your talents. Practicing your talents will strengthen them, which reenforces the notion that practice makes perfect. Create what you envision, and it will be unique and beneficial for the rest of us. Not to mention, you will experience a fuller life!

Talk to you soon,