Anti-Aging Skincare

Tips for using essential oils to smooth wrinkles.

Featured Artists

Mary J. Blige

Mary Jane Blige is an accomplished singer, songwriter, rapper and actress. She started her career as a backup singer in 1989. Since then, she has released 14 full length albums and countless singles and EPs.

Sinead Harnett

Sinead Harnett has a raw talent that is still in the beginning stages of her solo career. Her vocals comfort you in a plethora of gorgeous, slow jams.


Avant’s career exploded with the remake of René and Angela’s, My First Love featuring KeKe Wyatt. To date, he has been blessing us with hits for nearly two decades.


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Essential Oils

DB40. Lemon Overview

Lemon oil has cleansing, purifying, and invigorating properties for an uplifting, positive boost throughout the day.

DB49. Wild Orange Overview

Wild Orange Essential Oil is cold pressed from the rinds (peels) of oranges. Its stimulating and purifying qualities promote overall health and make it an…


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How to Read this Blog

Ultimately, I want to get millions of people on earth to participate in athletic activities. That mission starts with helping personal trainers get more clients.…

Health & Wellness

Enjoy Life: Pure Joy

The Enjoy Life Series helps you identify ways to improve your life, by intentionally enjoying life. Today’s topic is pure joy. Tell me what gives…

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The Best R&B Ever is Moving

Effective immediately, I will no longer publish new music toThe Best R&B Ever on this site. I will continue to publish the list; however, it will be migrated to my new website the R&B Archives ( I made this decision after a great deal of thought. Ultimately, I will be able to discuss R&B more…

Fred Hammond – Somethin’ ‘Bout Love

Fred Hammond released Somethin’ ‘Bout Love in 2004. It features the popular tracks, A Closer Walk and Your Love Is. However, What Can I Give, How Do You Love That Way, Make Time for Love, and Your Name Is Jesus are also bona fide!

Playlist: The Best R&B Ever

Vote for your favorites. Or add your favorite, if you don’t see it here. The Best R&B Ever is a list of R&B songs that I consider to be the greatest of all time. The list is not in any specific order. However, my goal is to collaboratively create a playlist of R&B tracks that…

My Heart Belongs to U Lyrics by Jodeci

Jodeci comes in 12th on my playlist, The Best R&B Ever, with My Heart Belongs to U. This list is not in any specific order. However, make sure you like, comment, and share. I will rank the playlist in fan favorite order, by number of total votes, once we get to 100 songs. I included…


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